Sunday, March 25, 2012

Why L&J School House

This was the conversation I had with L&J before finally deciding to home school them:

Me: Kids, do you want me to be your teacher? Di na kayo papasok sa school. We will make a classroom here at home.
Janina: House classroom Mommy?
Me: Yeah sort of...Luis: You are working Mom how can you teach us?Me: I will resign.Janina: What's resign?Me: Hindi na magwo-work. Sa house na lang ako, I will be your teacher.Janina: Teacher Mom. (With a smile)
Luis: You will miss your office. You will miss your friends.
Janina: Wala na tayong kakainin
Luis: Dad will take care of our food.
Me: So ok na sa inyo?
Both: Yes Mom
Luis: You will miss your office. You will miss your friends.Janina: Wala na tayong kakaininLuis: Dad will take care of our food.Me: So ok na sa inyo?Both: Yes Mom

So there, I got their YES and our journey to home schooling began.

The first thing to ask, what could be the name of our school at home. This was the deciding moment:

Me: Kids please suggest what could be a great name for our school.
Luis: Hmmmm... Mom, school house.
Me: That's nice Son. How about L&J School House? Luis and Janina School House.
Luis: Now that's better.

Luis and Janina

One thing I wanted to have with me in this journey is a blog where I could document our everyday home school life. L&J School House blog envisions itself that someday it could be an inspiration to other parents to follow this path we have taken.